Hello and Welcome to My Travel Experiences in Wembley Arena

I’m Here to Help You Survive!


Hey there! I’m Leslie Nelson, aka the Wembley Survival Tour Guide. You might say “survival” is too strong a word. However, if you read any concert-goer’s commentary regarding Wembley Arena, many of them will tell you that they’re thankful they survived their concert in Wembley the way they want it.


So What Are You Up To?


This is my Wembley-oriented blog. I’m actually a concert photographer at heart. If you think that reserved photographer pit in concerts are actually a good thing, I’ll tell you that you’re wrong. It’s pretty difficult to shoot a good photo in concerts, and that’s already lucky. Getting in is difficult. I compete with tens of thousands of photographers vying to enter the dome and shoot some good photos for their own personal blogs.


So, this non-photo blog details everything I know about Wembley, including the food, the restaurants, the hotels, the activities, the stories of concert goers who had their dream come true or nightmarish concert experience.


What Was Your Best Concert Experience?


To say honestly? When Muse Played and My Chemical Romance played during the second day. People were so ecstatic and I was outside, thinking about how I could get in. Fortunately, one of my friends, an organiser of the event, signed me up as a photographer in the same day. I was so enthralled.


Then a bouncer came about and told me I needed clearance for my camera. My friend and I did a little “basketball-style” passing (figurative of course). She confiscated my camera and gave it to me the last minute I was inside the pit.


The band played many of their hits, but when Muse played, the crowd went wild. I was able to take many good photographs of the band and the crowd. I loved that day. I gained large views on my blog just by posting these photos back in 2008.


What Could You Advice Concert Photographers?


I would tell them to start building their credentials and approach people who have networks inside Wembley Arena and organisers who are handling the events. Don’t be afraid to pass out business cards and do pro-bono shoots (with high quality and good feedback, of course) to help your career grow as a photographer. It doesn’t hurt to ask or approach people, you know. You just need a bit of confidence and good portfolios. So shoot, shoot, shoot.


Why Do You Know So Much Around Wembley Arena?


I live near it! All my friends who travelled beyond their towns live here and we do different things. One friend of mine, Michel, is a composer. He has worked with Wembley Arena’s audio staff from time to time. Another friend of mine is Darla. She handles the stage and handles the crew logistics whenever there’s a project. As for me, I’ve been once a tourist to this place. But after seeing photographer shots, I’ve decided to stay around.


My story is that it’s really difficult to find a good place in Wembley. If not for Gareth, my boyfriend, I wouldn’t have had any place to stay. So I stayed in hotels, hostels, ate at cheap dining places, until I finally found a permanent place to stay.


Well, Let’s Go Then!


It’s been a pleasure sharing with you who I am and what I do for a living. You could trust me to give you everything you need about Wembley Arena to help you survive and enjoy a nice, great, dreamy time!

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Five Of the Biggest Shows Wembley Arena Has Played Host To. You’ll Never Believe Number One!

The Bowl-shaped Wembley Arena has played host to plenty of memorable UK rugby games. Tears, blood and sweat have been shared in its indoor battlegrounds. In Wembley arena is the capacity seating of 90,000 and an amazing sliding roof that ensures the continuity of a game or a concert despite changing weather outside.  Speaking of concerts, the arena has also played host to a great number of stars and great voices, the most notable ones listed here.

  1. Muse

Progressive and ambient rock band Muse played for two days in the Wembley Arena for their Black Holes and Revelations tour supporting the promotion of their album HAARP at that time. On June 16-17, 2007, they played to almost 180,000 people and released successively their HAARP CD album and their DVD version of the said album. The Streets, Dirty Pretty Things and Rodrigo y’Gabriela played on the first day of the tour. On the second date, My Chemical Romans, Biffy Clyro and Shy Child played alongside Muse

  1. George Michael

Next to Muse, famed pop icon George Michael sang on his 25 live tour attended by 172,458 audiences. Still remaining in the spotlight despite years of stardom, George Michael played for two days in 2007, from June 9 to 10.

  1. Take That

UK Pop Group Take That had played their entire Progress Live Tour from June 30 to July 9 of 2011. For each day were full numbers of audiences. By the last day, the total has reached 623,737 audiences all in all.

  1. Summertime Ball 2012

Inviting a repertoire of famous pop artists such as Katy Perry, Coldplay, Justin Bieber, Jessie J and Usher to one event will definitely bring in people despite happening only in a single day. The 90,000 seating capacity of the Wembley Arena were totally full at this point, but there was no regret in the faces of those who attended and could not get seating. It’s possible the numbers have reached 200,000 in just that one day Capital FM organised the event.

  1. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Legendary Rock Icon Bruce Springsteen knows the voices of the masses. In his single day tour in June 15, 2012, named as the Wrecking Ball World Tour, he garnered at least 70,425 audiences to attend his concert. Not bad for the numbers, but it’s Bruce Springsteen, and everyone gets his grit.

Final Words

It’s truly breath-taking to attend a concert in Wembley Arena. It’s one of the world’s biggest sports arenas and every cheer and banter will reverberate throughout its wide, gigantic walls. It’s never too late to book a flight and a hotel to stay just to watch a once-in-a-lifetime event in Wembley Arena.

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Four Places For The Budget-Conscious Wembley Arena Tourist

Let’s face it, the British economy might be at its weakest along with Europe and other countries, but other countries are desperately trying to reach the United Kingdom’s economic level. The food and restaurant prices in the UK could be terribly expensive. Fortunately, we’ve come up with a list that helps you at least have five places to eat good food while not paying for terrible services.


  1. Queensbury Deli, Willesden Green


With its greyish amour and its very good music, Queensbury is well-known as one of the last food stops before audiences head into the stadium. Queesbury might look like a run-of-the-mill deli and café, but once you try to consume its food, everything changes. The food is fresh and tasty.


A tortilla meal of £5.95 is definitely one of the best sandwiches to take with you as you head up to Wembley and watch your concert. It’s full of roasted peppers and caramelised onions with lentils. The deli is also well-known for its tasty sandwiches and waking white coffee just at £2.20.


  1. Allso Thai, Wembley


Wembley’s own restaurant, Allso Thai, has a sample of Tom Yum soup at £4.95. I wasn’t too amazed at first, its taste was too flat and it lacked dynamics. However, it held back its surprise long enough for me to consider ordering another dish.


Thai dishes are famous for their spiciness and tangy-ness that one couldn’t easily find in other dishes. In Allso Thai, these tastes are still distributed evenly in each dish. It retains the excitement and mysteriousness of the dishes, all for the price of £7.75 to £9.50. You could have the massaman and panang in the evening and Phad Tai if you really want some, all for a very good price.


  1. Gracelands Café, Kensal Rise


In Kensal Rise, near Wembley arena, you could enter Graceland’s Café (which obviously looks like a family-accommodating restaurant than a café) and have your kids spend some time in the play area while the adults talk.


The café has some graceful galleries of blackboards, cakes showcased along with sandwiches, salads and all-day breakfast meals.


They also serve smoked salmon with some creamy, scrambled eggs at £6.75. You could eat it with almost certainty that you haven’t eaten any expensive salmon that has the same evocative taste as this one.


One thing subjectively disadvantageous about Gracelands Café is that the staff are unhurried. If you’re rushing to watch a game or a concert, you’ll need to be patient and wait for your order, which has been prepared with care and love.


  1. Alisan, Wembley


Because Wembley caters to different types of locals and tourists, it would be appropriate to have a Chinese cuisine restaurant nearby. The Alisan in Wembley might look weak and staggering with a feel of a tightly-packed fast food chain. However, they strip down everything to the basics. Service crews attend to your every need. Tourists who have trouble with tap water might want to order some bottled ones, pronto.


Meanwhile, Alisan has some awesome flavor-packed dim sum. Chicken claws in chili black bean oil, flavoured shrimp and shark’s fin dumplings.


Most of the time, the error of the traveller is to fill up on the larger dishes. However, they forget that eating bite-sized portions allows them to appreciate more dishes. This is where Alisan excels, in bite-sizes filling you up without you realizing it.


Final Thoughts


Touring around Wembley is expensive. The air fare and your lodging are already expensive, so why add the food? But when you eat, of course you want something satisfying and tasty. This list will help you find that. Just make sure you have an iron stomach, just in case.

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